Thank you Dr. Collins for all you have done for me and my wife! When my wife set up the appointment to come see you, I did not want to come. We had been to counseling in the past and I always walked out feeling worse about myself and my marriage and very beat up. Your “Positive Marriage Program” approach to therapy saved our marriage. I looked forward to coming to sessions with you. Not only has it saved our marriage, I feel that I know and understand more about myself, and personally am a much happier person. Thank You Again!

Anonymous CoupleNewport Beach, CA

My wife and I were married for 15 years and had grown tired of having the same arguments over and over again and neither one of us was feeling very loved or appreciated. I was ready to move on and find some peace in my life. I talked with Dr. Collins and within a few weeks we were working on some core issues that were causing the arguments and began to understand that each of us felt loved in a different way. We both have worked at understanding our needs and communicating them to each other which has given our marriage a whole new life. Thank you, Dr. Collins.

Anonymous CoupleIrvine, CA

When my husband and I went into see Dr. Collins, I was done with our marriage and just wanted someone to confirm it. After the first 4 sessions, I started to look at myself and my marriage in a different way. Dr. Collins worked with some old wounds we both had that triggered strong reactions that caused us to shut down to one another. Once we addressed and looked at the real issues we were able to communicate for the first time in a long time. Thank you, Dr. C., for sticking with us!

Anonymous CoupleOrange, CA

Dr. Collins saved our marriage! We stopped texting when we were angry, and learned how to argue effectively. We stop bringing up everything from our 6 years of marriage that made us feel misunderstood and focused on bringing up one thing at a time to resolve.

Anonymous CoupleAnaheim, CA